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tough girl

August 2014

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tough girl

Did you hear they picked up a stray in Europe?

Damned bastards and their organ farms.

Helping pick a fight moments after being rescued was probably not my brightest idea yet, but damn do I feel better. Mentally. Physically, I'm not sure there's enough painkillers in the world to make ever moving again a good thing.

So, here I am. Back in New York (again) with nothing to show from the time I was away but some scars. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find a bed and sleep for a few days.


Sarah, hi. Welcome back? Er, how open are you to questions?
I'm not sure how much info I really have, but go for it.
Well, mainly, what have you been up to, besides the organ farm? And are we to expect Shinobi on the doorstep in a handful of weeks, too?

organ farms suck ass. the boiler room was turned into a beach.
Bitch? Right, I'll pretend I didn't just see that and go straight into "Hi, it's nice to see you pixie."
nono, you're not a bitch. unless you want to be and then I suppose it would be "miss bitch" huh?

anyways, "bitch" was in reference to you showing up. I mean DAMN you've been gone forever!

so, um....hi!
Its been a long time. Let me know when you're feeling up to visitors.
Well hell, if I'd known it was going to lead to a big reunion, I'd have gotten kidnapped months ago. Logan back as well?

Come visit. Somebody's got to drink this tea I've suddenly acquired.
Tea sounds great. Logan's back to, but we didn't return together. All is well, but there I'd say we have a lot of catching up to do.
Could say that.

Bitch about the circumstances, but it's good to see you back anyway. Drink in the city sometime soon?
I think they want me under surveillance for a while, to make sure I'm really okay, but yeah. Soon as I can, we'll go out somewhere. Get a whole group together or something.
Got a lot to catch up on, Bone Girl. I'll come sneak you out, if they don't let you go soon.
Finding a bed shouldn't be so hard - there's plenty of empty apartments in the brownstone. Just avoid grabbing one next to the old guy on the first floor - holdover tenant who generally keeps to himself but occasionally pokes his head out to give us the hairy eyeball.

Once you've slept (and eaten, let's not forget that - I've got a care package you can have and I'll be dropping by with the basic supplies as well), I have a feeling Moira'll want to give you the once-over to make sure you're okay physically. She kept asking me what state you'd been in when we found you and there's no power on this earth that can resist Moira when she's in Concerned Doctor Mode.

Anything you need, I tend to be the go-for girl around here. Just let me know.

And fuck it's good to see you again. Even better out of that bloody place.
It might have been the jet lag and the 'not able to move without a string of curses three minutes long' thing, but I had a hell of a time last night. I actually think I might have stolen somebody elses, as it had sheets and a pillow already on it. Oops.

As for the pain, I'm just really sore now. Really Doc, I'm fine. (Trust me, if I was in as much pain as I was last night, I'd be beating down somebody's door for painkillers.)
*grins* Guess we'll have the Goldilocks moment later - "Who's been sleeping in my bed?"

I'll leave you and the Doc to sort that one out. I'm just an innocent bystander.
I... what? And... what? But then.

I'm stealing the plane.
A plane to get to New York? Get the Pixie to 'port you if you're in that much of a hurry. Sarah's with us at the Snow Valley Centre.
She likes to make an entrance.
Can't argue with that.
Oooh. Just watch the ribs. And everything else. I'm fragile today.
No jumping on you. Got it.
Hey! If I don't get to steal the plane, you don't get to steal the plane!
Which one of us is an X-Man again?
Which of us can probably learn to fly in under fifteen minutes?

Besides. You can ride horses. It's not fair if you get to fly planes TOO.