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tough girl

August 2014

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on edge

Homecomings of a sort.

Up until a short while ago, I hadn't been down to the tunnels since I left for Japan. I didn't even visit after I came back here, because I was afraid of what it might do to me. I lived there for so long, it was like a security blanket that wrapped me like a python until I couldn't breathe any more. And I kept going back. Again and again. But not this time. I stayed as far away from my tunnels as I could manage.

And then I went back, because a friend needed help. I breathed it in, rubbed the soft parts of my hands pink against the walls, and saw the dark corners where I used to hide. I went back. But then, I left. I left the bones behind, and I didn't feel guilty about it.

Quick! Somebody go look up progress before I relapse.


~Translated from Japanese~

Oh my god, you're Shinobi-sama's ex-girlfriend!!

~Translated from Japanese~
Oh, wow. I am?
~Translated from Japanese~

I used to see you all the time on magazine covers when I was in junior high.

~Translated from Japanese~
Yes, well, it's been a very long time since the pretty boy decided he didn't want to sleep with a crazy girl.

His loss.
~Translated from Japanese~

Unquestionably the wrong choice. The crazy ones are more fun.

~Translated from Japanese~
Heh, careful, or Sof will think she's being helpful or something. ;)

Drinks and then Silver tonight?