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tough girl

August 2014

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Cleaning house. (And misusing the system, I'm sure.)

Logan, there are a pair of your jeans here from ages ago. If you don't come get them, I will take it upon myself to glue ruffles and little black bows on them, and them mail them back. You will be able to hear my cackling from the mansion.

...Wait. Who the hell are all you people anyway?


I am Yvette, one of the students and a trainee X-Man.

I think you should decorate Mr. Logan's pants.
Apples, right? I remember you from that last time I got stuck in the medlab over there.

I do too. However, I am nothing if not fair, so I feel I must at least give him a chance to come and get them.
Librarian, make things go boom? Sound at all familiar?
Vaguely. I never spent much time in the library, even when I was at the mansion.
Dude, pink bows and those rhinestone things.

So, are you saying you forgot who everyone is or just like don't know the new dudes?
No, I didn't come down with some sort of crazy amnesia. I stopped paying attention there for a while, and suddenly there are all these new people.

And I don't do pink, even to drive Logan crazy.
Your coworker. You know, the one most of the office is cranky with right now.
What are you? 12? "Wah, wah, wah, people are pissed off 'cause of something I did". How about you grow a pair, Doug?
I'm sorry? I can't hear you over the sound of the office being cranky.
I'm a witch~

Well, sort of.
Sort of? How so? Only on full moons?
You have a pair of his pants? Pay you fifty dollars to tie-dye them pink and add ribbons and glitter.

...Then I just need a way to get him to wear them...
Good luck with that. As it is I will feel better just making a pair of jeans that Logan will stare in horror at. And then let loose a manly growl.
All the more reason to just make them as girly as possible.

I'll have to plan more on part two of this wonderfully evil idea.
Well, I'm the queen of fucking awesome.

(Also, I'm dating Kurt, did Amanda tell you? Also, I'm going to be in town Tuesday at this place that does these really ace pedicures and they've got lots of mutant friendly accomodations. You should come.)
What the hell am I going to do with a pedicure?
Have pretty feet?
Hey, I didn't know you were still around.
I'm always around.
I'll set up a video camera for you if you like.
Ooooh. Live video footage.
Hi there. I'm Laurie. I think I must have missed you when I was haunting the outside of the Brownstone during New York trips.
Haunting the outside of the Brownstone? Isn't the inside more interesting?
Yours if you want 'em.

Ruffles and little black bows look much better on you than they do me, darlin'.

Or, yanno, you can give 'em to the kid. Bet she'd get a kick out of it.

I tried getting in your pants. They don't fit. So I'm offering them back to you. See how that works?